In partnership with Hey!Manchester and Please Please You Show Stream TV captured Kristin Hersh performing live with band mates Rob Ahlers & Fred Abong.

Watch Kristin perform The Cuckoo, Your Ghost, Husk and Shade in Shadow in the exclusive Show Stream live video above.


Held in the beautiful surroudings of St Philips Church, Salford. Kristin was joined by band mates Rob Ahlers of 50 Foot Wave and Fred Abong who spent some time in Throwing Muses.

The set covered new songs from her latest album Possible Dust Clouds, songs such as Breathe In, Shade in Shadow and the opener LAX were all big tunes that held their own next to classics such as Your Ghost and Husk.

Hersh treated the audience to a short but well chosen set of songs from her very extensive back catalogue. For fans this was a great set which included Sun Ray Venus from the latest Throwing Muses album Purgatory/ Paradise, songs from Hips and Makers and Missisippi Kite from Crooked. The set ended with a heavier 50 foot wave track.

Kristin’s guitar playing of the earlier songs seemed much more refined than the recorded albums, The Cuckoo for example as a live performance on this tour was slowed down and picked during the verses which added a haunting atmosphere to the song and drew the audience into the story. Kristin played slide guitar with a screwdriver on several tracks including Your Ghost, building a distorted wall of noise over the drums and bass, letting rip on the solos, showing that she won’t be retiring from her inimitable left-field, alt rock grunge style any time soon which is great as her last few albums have been every bit as good if not better than her earlier work.

It’s often perplexing as to why Kristin Hersh and Throwing Muses don’t get more recognition but then I look around as she plays intimate venues such as the Holmfirth Picture Drome, Salford’s St Philips Church and the Trades Club in Hebden Bridge with a room full of obvious music devotees and feel at home and selfishly quite pleased that she has managed to somehow keep her shows at a perfect level of intimacy for the few who really get it.

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