Show Stream TV is an online live music channel, dedicated to sharing great live music.

We stream shows live from venues across Manchester and beyond and film live sessions and exclusive backstage interviews.

For Live Music Fans

Show Stream provides music fans with a dedicated place to discover, watch and enjoy more live music.

Don’t miss out on live shows! Show Stream offers a front row experience to great live shows including many sold out shows.

Show Stream knows that not all live music fans live in major cities but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on great live music events.

Via our YouTube channel, you can experience the live show on your TV from the comfort of your living room.

Show Stream will help you find new music and rediscover classic bands.

For Artists

Show Stream provides you with dedicated place to share your live experience with music fans around the world.

Reach all your fans and go beyond the venue capacity to reach your full global audience with a single show.

Let Show Stream capture a high quality live video of your show. Use this to promote your music on other platforms and capture your greatest moments.